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Resista Matt
  -  Resista Matt

Resista Matt

Technicial Specifications

Width: 1220 mm
Length: 2800 mm
Thickness (mm): 8 / 16 / 18 / 22 / 25mm

Fingerprint Prevention

Repairable Micro Scratches

High Resistance to Bending

Resista Matt Colors

3500 Rm Albus

3501 Rm Luna

3502 Rm Terra

3503 Rm Aura

3504 Rm Grisea

3505 Rm Bruna

3506 Rm Umbra

3507 Rm Caligo

3508 Rm Gramen

3509 Rm Rufus

There may be color differences in screen . It is important to check the colors from physical color chart while ordering.


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PLT.00 Arkopa Integrated System Policy of our Organization

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