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Melamine Faced Ultiface Panel
  -  Melamine Faced Ultiface Panel

What is Ultiface?

Where you can use
Ultiface Panels?

• Furniture Making

• Interior Designs and Finishes / Project Facilities

• Sliding Doors

• Bathroom Furniture

• Kitchen Fronts

• Shop Design

How you can use Ultiface panels?

Ultiface panels raw materials are particleboard, medium density fiberboard & decorative paper. MDF & PB easy cut to size, drill & edgeband with basic lathes and edgebanding equipments.

Advantages of
Ultiface Panels

• Decorative Variety

• Deep Texture Feeling

• Easy to Clean

• Easy to Machine

• Scratch Resistant

• Hygienic Free

• Bacteria Free

• Long-Lifecycle

Surface of Ultiface

During the melamine facing operation, surface textures and decorative designs get mechanically match as a emboss which is calling as Registered Emboss. Highly Decorative Registered embossed MDF & particleboard based panels are now serving our customers by Ultiface.

UF-01 Matt

UF-02 Glossy

UF-03 Moon

UF-04 Nebula

UF-05 Drop

UF-06 Crater

UF-07 Anatolia Oak

UF-08 Stone

UF-09 Orbit

UF-10 Wave

UF-11 Nova