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Acrylic Colors
  -  Acrylic Colors

Acrylic Panel

Fingerprint Prevention

Repairable Micro Scratches

High Resistance to Bending

Anti-Scratch Acrylic Colors

2321 Hg White Sns

2323 Hg Cream Sns

2325 Hg Cashmere Sns

2324 Ng Green Sns

2326 Hg Black Sns

2327 Hg Metallic Gray Sns

Industrial Acrylic Colors

1643 Hg Project White

2141 Sm Project White

1526 Hg White

2692 Hg Metallic White

1532 Hg Cream

1712 Hg Light Grey

1713 Matt Light Grey

1537 Hg Cashmere

1531 Hg Cappuccino

1334 Hg Metalic Grey

1565 Hg Anthracite

1256 Hg Black

There may be color differences in screen . It is important to check the colors from physical color chart while ordering.


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PLT.00 Arkopa Integrated System Policy of our Organization

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